Design and Assembly

Product design and assembly constitute a complete manufacturing cycle of a product.

Mestech has an experienced and professional team of engineers, who can provide you with the design of plastic and metal parts for consumer electronics, electrical appliances, medical devices and other products according to your requirements, as well as model making, verification and design improvement.

We offer product design in the following items:

1. Industrial design for new product.

2. The overall design and feasibility analysis of electronic products and small household appliances.

3. Detail design of plastic parts and hardware parts.

4. The customer shall provide the original data and specific requirements for the appearance and size of the design, and provide 3D or 2D drawings of PCBA components, joints and other parts related to the product appearance and size.

5. Make prototypes refer to the design drawings, and verify the design and perfect the design. And show it to the customer for confirmation.


The workers are assembling products

The product drawing

Design and Assembly (3)

ID design

Design and Assembly (2)

Electronic product design

Design and Assembly (1)

Home appliance design

Design and Assembly (5)

Plastic product design

Design and Assembly (9)

Silicone product design

Design and Assembly (7)

Metal part design

Design and Assembly (8)

Die cast part design

Design and Assembly (6)

Stamping part

Mestech has established a relatively complete production system and supply chain. Beside new product design, we can provide customers with one-stop services including mold manufacturing, parts production and procurement, product assembly, testing, packaging and freight transportation

1. Plastic mold manfacturing and parts injection molding, silk screen printing, electroplating

2. Metal parts processing

3. Purchase of packaging materials and other additional materials

4. Product assembly and testing.

5. Product packaging and shipping.

Design and Assembly (4)

The workers are assembling products


If you have a good product concept and customer group, we are glad to provide you with a series of services from product design to finished product manufacturing.