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  • Post time: 07-07-2022

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  • Where to use plastic parts
    Post time: 10-16-2020

    Plastic parts are made through mold molding with other processing methods, of which the size and function meet the designers' requirements. More than 80% of the plastic parts are molded by injection molding, which is the main way to obtain precision plastic parts. Inject...Read more »

  • 10 types of plastic resin and application
    Post time: 10-16-2020

    To do well in the design and manufacture of plastic products, we must understand the types and uses of plastic. Plastic is a kind of high molecular compound (macrolecules) which is polymerized by addition polymerization or polycondensation reaction with monomer as raw material. There are many kin...Read more »

  • What is plastic medical box
    Post time: 10-15-2020

    Plastic Medical box (also called medicine box) or plastic medical boxes,  are widely used in hospitals and families. The can be used for storing drugs, medical devices or carrying them for seeing patients. Medical box, as its name implies, is a container for storing medi...Read more »

  • Tips for precise plastic parts design and molding
    Post time: 10-15-2020

    With the development of modern industry, there are more and more excellent plastic materials. At the same time, plastic products are also widely used in various industries. Especially, more and more precise plastic parts are used. Now let’s share with you the tips for precise plastic parts ...Read more »

  • Post time: 10-15-2020

    Injection mold is a kind of tool for forming plastic or hardware parts. The structure of injection mold is precise and complex, and must has high service life of several hundred thousands of injection cycles. It is a kind of high value equipment, and its quality plays a ...Read more »