Plastic parts

Plastic parts are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medical treatment, home furnishing, automobile, aviation, industry, instrument and other industries. Plastic resin can be heated in the mold cavity to obtain various shapes and sizes of plastic parts and products. Depending on the development of modern chemical technology, more and more kinds of plastics are produced on a large scale.

Mestech has been engaged in the design of plastic parts, the manufacture of injection moulds and the injection molding of parts and products, as well as the post-treatment processes such as spray painting, silk screen printing and electroplating. Our plastic products for customers are as follows:

Plastic parts (1)

Plastic product design

Plastic parts (2)

Plastic housing for electrical

Plastic parts (17)

Plastic home appliances

Plastic parts (6)

Plastic parts for electronic

Plastic parts (5)

Double injection molding parts

Plastic parts (15)

Automobile plastic parts

Plastic parts (4)

Medical plastic injection mold and molding

Plastic parts (14)

Transparent plastic products

Plastic parts (16)

Post processing of plastic parts

Plastic parts (18)

Plastic panel with 3D nano screen printing

Plastic parts (3)

Office electronic apparatus

Plastic parts (7)

Nylon plastic products

Plastic parts (11)

Plastic wheel

Plastic parts (12)

Metal insert molding

Plastic parts (13)

Waterproof housing

Characteristics of plastic products:

1  light weight It can be used to make lightweight parts and products.

2 Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance Most plastics have good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals

3 excellent electrical insulation, Common plastics are poor conductors of electricity, and their surface resistance and volume resistance are very large. Therefore, plastics are widely used in electronic and mechanical industries. Such as plastic insulated control cable.

4 Good heat insulation The thermal conductivity of plastics is relatively low, equivalent to 1 / 75-1 / 225 of steel,

5 wide range of mechanical strength. It has high specific strength The mechanical properties of plastics, such as hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength, are widely distributed. Because of its small specific gravity and high strength, plastics have high specific strength.

6 It has good impact resistance, noise elimination and shock absorption.

7 Good wear resistance and transparency

8 Good plasticity: it is easy to mold various shapes and sizes of product parts by mold heating, so as to realize large-scale and efficient production.

Mestech is a professional manufacturer of injection mold and plastic parts. We can provide customers with a variety of plastic products and services, we look forward to cooperating with you. Please contact us if necessary.