Where to use plastic parts

Plastic parts are made through mold molding with other processing methods, of which the size and function meet the designers' requirements.

More than 80% of the plastic parts are molded by injection molding, which is the main way to obtain precision plastic parts.

Injection plastic parts and products have penetrated into all aspects of human activities, widely used in electronic communications, electrical appliances, electrical, instrumentation, security, automobile traffic, medical care, daily life appliances and other fields.

The main product categories are :

1. Communication electronic products and consumer electronics( plastic housing, enclosure, box, cover)

Mobile phones, headphones, televisions, video telephones, POS machines, doorbell.


2. Electrical appliances (plastic case, cover, container, base)

Coffee maker, juicer, fridge, air conditioner, fan washer and microwave oven.


3. Electrical equipment

Electric meter, electric box, electric cabinet, frequency converter, insulation cover and switch.


4. Instrument (plastic housing, cover)

Voltmeter, multimeter ,barometer, life detector


5. Auto parts

Dashboard body frame, battery bracket, front module, control box, seat support frame, spare placenta, fender, bumper, chassis cover, noise barrier, rear door frame


Plastic parts of automobile

6. Traffic device and Vehicle appliances  (lamp cover, enclosure)

Signal lamp, sign, alcohol tester,


7. Medical and health care

Operating lights, sphygmomanometer, syringe, dropper, medicine bottle, massager, hair removal device, fitness equipment


8. Daily necessities

Plastic chairs, plastic toothbrushes, plastic basins, plastic buckets, plastic, plastic cups, glasses, toilet covers, pools, toys


Different products require different sizes, shapes, performances, appearance and uses, so there are a variety of molds and injection molding processes used to make them.

Mestech has more than 10 years of injection mold manufacturing and injection production experience, we can provide you with  customized injection molds and injection products and services according to your specification.

Such as:


2. injection molding for small parts, large parts, threads, gears, shells, two colors, and metal inserts molding.

3. Coating or surface decoration: screen printing, spray painting, electroplating, inner mold decoration, water transfer printing.

If you need plastic products for your products, or need to know more, please contact Mestech for quotation or further information.

Post time: Oct-16-2020