Portable mini speaker plastic enclosure

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The portable mini speaker is small in size and exquisite in appearance, so portable mini speaker plastic enclosure size is small, and it is generally made of ABS, ABS/ PC materials for injection molding. In order to get a beautiful appearance, the decorative processes of painting, electroplating, water transfer printing, gilding or laser engraving are always used.

Product Detail

The mini speaker is small in size and exquisite in appearance. The main component of the speaker body is the plastic enclosure, which plays a supporting role in the speaker. The plastic enclosure of mini speaker often needs to be UV painted and gilded. Some plastic enclosures need to be embedded with metal cover, light-emitting lamp cover, LCD screen, etc. to get good sound effect and beautiful appearance. The injection molding and surface treatment technology of mini speaker plastic enclosures  is a typical technology.

Mini portable speaker generally is the speaker that supports Bluetooth and WiFi wireless audio receiving and transmission with mobile computer equipment or can read SD, TF and other memory processors. Mini portable speaker is the crystallization of today's multimedia digital technology. It integrates power amplifier, battery and dual speakers. It is small in size and exquisite in structure.

Mini portable speaker is a very common electronic product in today's social life. It is widely used in various aspects, such as morning exercise, listening to music, broadcasting, etc. It is evolved from the traditional large volume speaker. With the diversification and individualization of consumer demand, more and more functions, more and more abundant appearance and modelling, and various appearance and modelling.

Mini portable bluetooth speaker

Mini portable speaker is different from the traditional large volume speaker. It is small in size and has many functions. It is a multi-functional and multi-purpose portable speaker. Small speakers are easy to carry and save space. In many ways, portable speakers and plug-in speakers coincide with each other.


Mini portable speaker is a professional portable music equipment with complete functions, no external power supply, no power consumption of mobile phones, and rechargeable lithium batteries. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can work for 2 to 5 hours, and the charging time is only 2 to 3 hours. With FM radio, insert U disk or SD card, when playing, you can display the number of songs, you can directly play SD/MMC card, U disk, MP3 format audio files. No need to switch, remember to read automatically.


Small size, easy to carry, cool appearance, trendy fashion, mini portable speakers in addition to the integration of acoustic and electronic technology, but also pay special attention to the shape and surface texture. Because of its small size, various injection moulding and surface treatment processes can be applied to the speaker shell and parts. Get a variety of personalized appearance that people like, such as imitating fruits and flowers, animal portraits, rocks, ornaments and so on.

Plastic injection mold for mini speaker enclosure

The mini speaker has a delicate structure and exquisite appearance technology, which requires high dimensional accuracy and appearance quality of parts. Mestech company can provide customers with one-stop service, including mold making, injection production, material procurement and so on. Please contact us if you need.

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