Plastic housing plastic box for electrical

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Electrical appliances must have external plastic box plastic housing to provide necessary room, to fix and protect internal components from outside impact.  These box or housing are usually molded of plastic materials. We call them plastic box-plastic housing for electrical.


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Electrical products are generally driven by higher voltage power supply, which are used outdoors or in high temperature and humidity environment or under impact load. Therefore, plastic box-plastic housing for electrical must be firm and reliable, and the materials used should have sufficient strength, toughness, insulation and flame retardancy, as well as high and low temperature performance.


What is electrical appliances in life, mainly the consumption of electricity, electricity into other forms of energy to use, the main purpose is to improve the quality of life. For example: air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, rice cookers, lampblack machines and so on.


what the features of electrical appliances

In narrow definition, electrical appliances are relatively big terms of power consumption and product size of digital electronic products. Household appliances and office appliances are two main types of electrical appliances. The electrical voltage of electrical appliances is higher. Therefore, electrical appliances in various countries have high safety standards in use.

Electrical appliances are usually made up of power supply module, control systems, mechanism and housing. Electrical housing and mechanism are mostly plastic and metal parts.

Foot massage machine housing

Air purifier plastic housing

Printer plastic housing

Air conditioner housing

How to design the plastic box plastic housing for electrical appliances?

*You must have the following knowledge and experience:

1. Knowledge and experience in mechanical design.

2. Understand product use and industry standards.

3. Understand plastic properties and processing technology, hardware characteristics and processing technology.

4. Skilled in using software design drawings.


*You must be familiar with the environment and requirements of this type of product.

1. Understand material performance requirements:

Is it for indoor or outdoor use?

Are high temperature and flame retardant required?

Are there any electrical insulation, anti-static requirements, or long-term work in high voltage, low frequency, medium frequency or high frequency environment?

Is it required to work in high temperature and humidity anti-corrosion environment?

Is it required to work in a low temperature environment below zero?

Do you require anti-ultraviolet radiation?

Is there any requirement for pressure and impact resistance?

Is there any requirement for transparency or anti-transparency?

Are there any requirements for color matching, surface gloss, grain, plating, painting and silk printing?


2. Requirements to be met in product structure requirements of products ?

Whether the parts are shell, moving parts, internal support or decorative parts ?

Are there high precision requirements for size and shape of parts?

Whether Parts Bear Heavy Loading ?

Is a part a material or a variety of materials ?

Are there any requirements for drop, shock and friction in the product?

Are there sealing and waterproof requirements for products?

Matching relationship of parts in product

Coordination relationship between products and other products

Industry and safety standards to be met by products

How about the manufacturing process of the plastic box shell?

Ge parts are produced by injection molding. It includes two aspects


1. Injection mold manufacturing

The size and specification of all kinds of electrical appliances are very different, and the structure of mold and mold is also different.

A. For large shells, in order to facilitate injection filling and obtain good appearance quality, the wall thickness is uniformly designed and materials with good fluidity are used. Large direct gates are usually used in mold structures. For B. parts with high fluidity, thin, thick, narrow or poor, hot runner is designed on the die. In order to improve the injection conditions, save injection time and obtain good quality.

C. For precision parts or parts with high surface quality requirements, steel with stable size and corrosion resistance should be selected as the core. Advanced CNC, slow WEDM and mirror EDM are used for machining cavities.

D. For parts with additives such as glass fiber and flame retardant, the mold cavity should be made of hard material.

E. For materials with shrinkage such as nylon, POM and PP, the cavity size should be correctly designed according to the shrinkage.

F. Reasonable selection of filling points. Die cavity exhaust should be reasonable and sufficient


2. Precautions for parts injection molding

A: the barrel of the injection molding machine should be kept clean. Especially for parts with high surface quality requirements, except for any mixing, impurity and material flower.

B. Special attention should be paid to the injection molding of large shell

C. For parts with sealing requirements, deformation of parts should be avoided, and large amount or sticky glue should be avoided to clean the sealing surface.

D. There are batch front end, sharp corners, bubbles and cracks on the top of parts working under high pressure.


What kind of plastic material is used for the plastic shell of electrical appliances?


The following plastics are commonly used in the manufacture of plastic enclosures for electrical appliances:

1. ABS, ABS / PC: these two types are usually used to manufacture shells or covers with fine surfaces.

2. PMMA, PC: these two materials are mainly used for transparent panel and light

3. Nylon, POM: they are used to make parts of moving mechanism, such as gears, worm gears, rotating shafts, cranks and rollers or wheels.

4. TPU, TPU: they are two kinds of soft resins, which are usually used to make buttons or waterproof components by combining them with ABS or PC through double injection molding.

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