Double-injection waterproof plastic case of intercom walkie-talkie

Short Description:

Double color injection waterproof Walkie talkie case is a hard shell covered with soft elastomer.

Product Detail

In design of electronic products, engineers usually use the hard shell to provide space for the internal components and resist external forces, and use the compression deformation of the elastomer to achieve the sealing from water.

It is an important application of double injection molding that elastomer plastic resin cover hard plastic base to create the waterproof housing for electronic products. For example, the double injection water proof case for Walkie Talkie.

Walkie-talkies also is called intercom or interphone.Mestech provides injection moulding for plastic case of intercom (walkie-talkie), including general walkie-talkies and waterproof walkies.

Intercom (walkie-talkie) is a kind of traditional communication equipment earlier than mobile phone application. Compared with mobile phone, its work does not need network and base station, is not limited by environmentalinterference, and the standby captain saves electricity and does not need to spend telecom fee.

The advantages of communication fees are still widely used in large construction sites, office buildings, shopping malls and field operations. So Intercom still has a big market.Compared with mobile phone, its work does not need network and base station, is not limited by environmental interference, and the standby captain saves electricity and does not need to spend telecom fee.

The comparation between general plastic case and waterproof plastic case for walkie-talkie


*Plastic case for Waterproof walkie-talkie

Mestech offer injection moulding for double-injection plastic case of intercom (walkie-talkie). Double-shot case is generally made of two type material: hard plastic covered with soft plastic resin. It is always used in the intercom which work in field environment requiring waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof.

Double-injection waterproof walkie-talkie plastic components generally require to reach the waterproof level of IP65~IP68. It prevents external water or dust through TPU software elastic compression and sealing ring compression between the top case and bottom case and the cover of I/O port for sealing purposes.

Components generally include:

1. Upper case: Material: PC/ABS+TPU, double-shot, with embedded copper nuts

2. Lower case: Material: PC/ABS+TPU, double-shot

3. Waterproof I/O port cover: Material: PC/ABS+TPU, double-shot

4. Silicone seal ring: Material: silicone, silicone pressing die

5. On/off key and setting key

6. Number keypad (Some walkie-talkie removes number keypad to keep good sealability )

Double injection waterproof case for walkie-talkie

*Plastic case for general walkie-talkie

The general walkie-talkies is usually used in indoor environment, such as office building, supermarket, theater, factory,  etc. It is no need suffer water, rain, moisture, dust and falling and collision. So it's design and material does not consider the waterproof and sealability.

Plastic case for general walkie-talkies normally use materal PC/ABS,ABS and PC, and injection molding through single-shot. It generally consist of below plastic parts:

1.Upper case:  Material PC/ABS, single-shot

2.Lower case:  Material PC/ABS, single-shot

3.On/off key:  Material PC/ABS, single-shot

4.Setting key and number keypad:

The electronic equipment used in the field involves waterproof problems, such as waterproof walkie talkie, waterproof mobile phone, waterproof watch, field detector, etc. Many electronic products and instruments will use double injection waterproof shell because of the waterproof requirements. If your products have such requirements, please contact us, we are willing to provide you with production and service. 

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