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Toolbox (also is called tool chest, tool case) is a container for storing tools and various items, which can be used for production, household, maintenance, fishing and other purposes. Plastic tool box is made of plastic material in an industrial production mode of injection molding.

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Toolbox (also is called tool chest, tool case) is a container for storing tools and various items, which can be used for production, household, maintenance, fishing and other purposes. Plastic toolbox is made of plastic material in an industrial production mode of injection molding.

Plastic can be molded into a toolbox as a whole, or made into a box body or parts, and assemble then into products.

Plastic toolbox is easy to realize large-scale and low-cost industrial production through injection molding, obtaining boxes of various colors, materials and sizes. It can also be matched with metal parts, using metal as skeleton and clasp, which is more secure, firm, light, beautiful and corrosion-resistant. To meet the needs of different industries and uses.

Plastic toolbox is widely used in beauty and hairdressing, tool combination, jewelry watch, stage, instrument, instrument, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries. It is an ideal box for high-end instruments.

Family stationery case

Fishing gear toolbox

Family sewing tool box

Glasses case

Electrical tool box

Hardware toolbox

Measuring tool box

Electric toolbox

Plastic toolbox is light, reliable, convenient and easy to carry. It is more and more used in many industries, such as family, industry, medical treatment, repair and so on. According to their uses and places of use there are many styles and types of plastic toolboxes. There are typical toolbox as below:

1.Household Toolbox

In a family's house, there are doors and windows, tables and chairs, cabinets, curtains, lamps, power outlets and so on.

With the development of modern technology, more and more electrical appliances, electronics and electric tools enter the family: air-conditioning, television, refrigerator, washing machine, doorbell, weeder, lighting, automatic garage, toys, cars and so on.

(It is widely used in families with larger houses and courtyards, requiring minor problems with housing facilities to be repaired and maintained infrequently, as well as some installation. Plastic toolbox can be used to keep these tools well, and it is small in volume and weight, easy to carry, moderate in price, and very suitable for family use. )

(Family common use toolboxThis kind of box is multi-purpose, family can be used as a tool box to store tools, can also be used to store other living utensils, food and other items.) 

Family common use plastic toolbox

Electrical tool box

Cosmetic toolbox

Automobile repair toolbox

Nowadays, with the increasing cost of manpower , people are unwilling to pay a high cost for the loss of a button, the loosening of a few screws or the replacement of a piece of glass. They prefer to repair their own home facilities by themselves. Many home products also provide instructions and guidance to support users to install by themselves. So some necessary tools for families are very useful.

2 The toolboxes and material storage boxes for production

Many kinds of tools and toolboxes are often used in factory production.

Tools used in production are matched with production posts. Tools used in various products and different positions are different. For example, electrical screwdrivers, wrenches for machine assembly, vernier calipers, micrometers and other measuring instruments are equipped with plastic tool boxes for storage and protection. There are also general plastic storage toolboxes for storing tools and parts in production. .

(Mechanical and Electrical Product Assembly Workers  )

(surface finishing and polishing of metal parts)

In the production plant, the toolbox is usually provided as an attachment box to accompany the machine and instrument shipment

3. The toolbox specific tools

There are many toolbox is specially designed for specific people, specific uses and specific tools. They include:

Electrical toolbox, hardware toolbox, automobile repair toolbox, cosmetic toolbox, electric toolbox, fitter toolbox, medical toolbox, etc.

These tools or objects are packaged or placed separately in a toolbox and are easy to carry.

(Toolbox for Specific Functional Tools).

Material and injection mold for plastic toolbox

The main plastic materials used in plastic toolbox are ABS, PC, Nylon, PP

PP material can make transparent, translucent or opaque tool box. PP material is low price, soft, folding is not easy to break, but easy to deformation, size is not accurate, high and low temperature chemical stability is poor. It is usually used for making room with low requirement at normal temperature.

HDPE is a kind of opalescent translucent plastic, which is softer than PP material, but poor rigidity, strength and heat resistance compared with PP. HDPE has better stretchability and can be made thinner. Its low temperature toughness is better than PP material. It can be used for injection moulding: turnover box, bottle cap, barrel, cap, food container, tray, garbage bin, box, and plastic flower, etc.

ABS material is used to produce tool box with high dimensional requirements and stability. ABS has good dimensional stability, hardness higher than PP material, deformation is very small, easy to do screen printing spray treatment, can obtain a better appearance.

Nylon material has excellent mechanical and chemical properties. It also has excellent high and low temperature performance and wear resistance. Often used to make boxes that are equipped with electric tools or rooms often used outside.


PP and HIPE are two materials with similar physical properties. Both of them are opalescent and translucent. They have the advantages of easy forming, non-toxicity, large shrinkage, unstable size and non-wear resistance. It is often used to make boxes, boxes and utensils that contact food and medicine with low strength and dimensional accuracy. PP is suitable for making appliances used at slightly high temperature,

HIPE is used for making appliances used in low temperature environment.

ABS has good injection plasticity, low shrinkage, good dimensional accuracy and good comprehensive mechanical properties. It is often used to make boxes for instruments and tools.

PA6 has the highest strength and toughness among the four plastics, but its defect is that the shrinkage of injection size is three to four times that of ABS, and its injection plasticity is poor. Its dyeing and surface appearance are not as good as ABS. PA6 is often used to make heavy tool boxes.


There are two main ways to produce a toolbox

1. Injection molding

Single-wall toolboxes are usually made by injection moulding, including multi-purpose toolboxes, fishing gear receipt boxes, storage boxes, stationery boxes, needle boxes, cosmetic boxes, glasses boxes, etc. These toolboxes can provide as much space as possible by using single-wall toolboxes. Injection moulding is also used for injection moulding toolbox parts with high dimensional accuracy and modular toolbox parts.

2. Blow molding

Blow moulding is a tool box for special tools. The same part has two inner and outer layers, and the two layers are hollow. Such as electrical toolbox, fitter toolbox, hardware toolbox, digital caliper storage box, etc. The shape of the inner layer fits the shape of the tool or measuring tool, so as to play a better role in fixing and protecting.

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